Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14th Postgame: 'Conflict of Heroes' or 'Chomping of Gyros'

I dragged out a boardgame for tonight's session to give the toy soldiers a bit of R n' R. We played two games of Academy Games' 'Conflict of Heroes' (COH) which is basically an very inspired re-imagining of Avalon Hill's classic 'Squad Leader'. All four of us are Old Salts of boardgaming from the early 80s and we clearly remember the heady days of 'Advanced Squad Leader' (ASL) with its binders of rules and wavering towers of chits. COH distills much of what is great about ASL to provide a nice, espresso shot of WWII ultra-violence without the required lifestyle commitment.

Dan and Sylvain cut their teeth with a small scenario before the Main Event.
The first game was just a small infantry-only primer to get Sylvain up to speed and to reaquaint the rest of us to the rules' mechanisms (though a big thanks to Stacy for shouldering the burden of the rules lawyering). The games typically last only around 45-90 minutes so its quite feasible to get in two or three games in a night. 

Dan nervously nibbling his fingers to the quick contemplating the onslaught of Soviet zombies...
The second game was a 4-player scenario with a silly twist. It had the Germans set up in a village in what was thought to be a quiet sector of the eastern front. Nonetheless, out of the mists emerge hordes of Soviet Zombies wanting to feast on the flesh of the Hitlerites. Really, who can not have fun playing a scenario with zombies? The Germans had to exit 7 squads off the map using the halftracks whereas the zombies had to devour at least 7 German squads. It was great fun with the Germans managing to evacuate 4 squads out of the village before being overrun by the undead. Lots of laughs and a great scenario!

The mapboard very near the end. The brown chits are the zombies. Not much German gray out there as they had become lunch.
Next week we're back to our 'Wings of War' WWI campaign with the Germans choosing the flight mission...

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