Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7th Postgame: Wings of War Campaign

Well, we played our Wings of War campaign last night to determine who would be going forward as the attacker for Mission 2 (1916). Dan sent up his fresh British pilots and Stacy met him with his German lads. One balloon, Allied, was on the table near the British lines. I spent the night doling out damage cards to both players, drinking beer, giving useless advise and well, drank more beer.

In about a turn or two the balloon will go thermal. With the Roland above it.
 Stacy's single seater (Albatros DIII) managed to claim both Allied aircraft as victories but was shot down in the last moments of the game by the rear gunner of his last victim (an RE 8). His Roland two-seater tore into the British balloon causing it to explode (right underneath him)! His damaged plane managed to sputter home with engine damage.

The combatants, sans balloon, jockeying for the next run at each other.
 Dan's two-seater (RE 8) took an amazing amount of punishment before being shot down, but the observer did his country proud by shooting down the perfidious Albatros. His Sopwith went down in flames as it was too close to the exploding balloon... Luckily all the downed pilots/observers managed to survive and escape to their respective lines. Back in time for tea and medals, eh?!

This sortie, the third of the set, gave the overall Mission Victory to the Central Powers who will choose the next scenario and will be the attackers in the next game.

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