Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thursday April 7th: Warhammer Fantasy and Wings of War

 Hi Guys!

This week we are double booked with games. I know, when it rains... First up is a Warhammer Fantasy game at Sylvain's, with his Wood Elves going against Dana's, what, High Elves? Well, I hope its Elves that Sylvain is up against as it would be nice for him to get a dose of his own 'arrow-storm' medicine. ;)

The other game is going to be a continuation of our 'Wings of War' campaign. This will be the third sortie for the 1916 'Battle Over the Trenches' mission. Dan and Stacy will be over at Curt's for this scrum. This sortie will break the tie on this Mission and we will proceed to the next in the 1916 year.

If our game is done early then I hope to head over to Sylvain to see his crushing defeat...

Also, guys, please note the event calendar above and the sidebar event notice/confirmation gadget. Please sign-up with a google account (if you haven't already) so you can use these.


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